by Tracy Pro Tips On Editor

Newspapers can be an economical marketing path with a targeted geographical or topic-centered reach. People who have set time aside to invest in reading a paper are generally contemplative and looking to spend a few minutes catching up on what is new.

With Affiliate Advantage books you can use local newspapers as an avenue to let people know about your presence in the Pro Tips On book. People will be interested in what services and products you provide within your community. People who are in your community who value local recognition will appreciate the conversations books generate as they pass from hand-to-hand with your business on the cover.

There are several ways to advertise including classified ads, inserts, and box ads. As you read the newspaper you are considering running an ad in, pay attention to what style best catches your eye and think about why it did. Good advertisements do not always have to be exercises in reinventing the wheel. Making an ad similar to one you already like but even better can be a great choice.

If your local paper is onboard, placing a press release about the book and your local business appearing on the cover can be a great strategy.

  • Make a short and punchy heading to your ad.
  • Each topic will have its own attention grabbing content. Understanding what most causes your customers’ need to act is an advantage.
  • Design matters. Catch someone’s eye with a strong graphic. It is worth spending money on the overall presentation because relatable words alone are not enough.
  • Think about the relationship between placement and cost. Placement toward the front generally is more expensive but has benefits.
  • Make sure you generate interest in learning more specifics from your website.

You can refer people to contact you to find out more about purchasing a Pro Tips On book or sell the printed book directly to customers via your ad and send it to them with a nice letter of introduction and a business card.