Knowledge Sells!

It creates great results that develop from mutual understandings and constructive conversation. Pro Tips On is a book series designed to be exactly that—the educational conduit you need to work with your customers effectively and efficiently. They will understand the benefit impacts of quality on longevity and what type of questions to ask about the installation process.

Being the contractor sharing the information that makes customers comfortable will help you be a deal maker. For consumers, being able to effectively communicate with their contractors about their options is invaluable. Knowing what they need and like and the result quality delivers for a customer is only an advantage.

Market and Advertise to generate leads. Builders and manufacturers are able to add finished project photos to the gallery section and can represent product options in our style guide area. To create a beneficial relationship with potential customers, builders may choose to purchase Affiliate Advantage customized books or the regular non-customized version and give them away.

There are lots of ways the affiliate program can benefit your business. For example, a serious inquiry about your area of construction comes into your business. You begin to talk about the prospects needs, wants and limiting factors. You present the features and benefits of what you are able to provide. The potential customer leaves trying to process a lot of information and has time to then develop additional questions. When they leave and you put a book in their hand, they have many answers at their fingertips and know who put them there.

The Pro Tips On series is designed to keep customers engaged…and inspired to want what you can provide. Utilizing the three “C”s by controlling the story, providing a solid basis for comparison with other contractors and conversing meaningfully is certain to leave an impression with your prospects.

Potential customers can then discuss their thoughts and questions. Knowing their educational resource helps your business, because you can anticipate what they are going to ask. Someone might say, “I see on page 47 that raw cut metal edges can rust. How do you avoid that in your installation?” You can talk about what they read and provide them the answer.

Pro Tips On will help customers expand their knowledge base to better understand the scope of what they are seeking. Establishing you as credible and responsive to their needs, puts you above the competition.


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