Two Purchase Options Save You $

Two bulk-buy options educate your customer and are designed to help you close more business.

  1. Basic consumer version to straight-out purchase and give.
  2. Affiliate Advantage version that allows you to personalize a nationally marketed, professionally developed book in your field for potential customers.

Both Pro Tips On versions are available for each topic. To order Your Metal Roof click here. To order Your Carport click here.

Control The Message

Having the right conversation, where you are able to anticipate a customer's questions is a big advantage. Sharing the same resource for options and answers can help you do just that—solving communication problems. You can have conversations referencing specific pages and concepts both over the phone and in person. The ability to relate so directly will give you credibility with your prospects. Click here to learn marketing tips!

Strategic Selling Advantage

There are many ways the Pro Tips On series can be used to benefit your business. The more you promote your topic book, the greater its impact can be on your business to seal deals. There are several ways you can reach out to your potential customer base, face-to-face, consumer mailings, radio, social media and newspaper advertising. The Pro Tips On Affiliate Program puts you in the driver’s seat. There are many ways it can help you reach potential customers and seal deals.
Options are:
• Give affordable book downloads or printed books as gifts via the purchase of bulk packages
• Customize the book
• Use the book as a tool to make contact with the community
• Help control the dialogue with your prospects
Click here to learn more about how to market yourself with Pro Tips On books!