Direct To Consumer

by Tracy Pro Tips On Editor

There are many ways to market direct to consumers. Face-to-face opportunities create great results. Leaving potential buyers with something to reflect on after you leave creates a lingering impression. They will appreciate your willingness to help them understand from a third-party source what they need to consider and discuss. Your credibility increases by being upfront with them. Whether you gift them a base level Pro Tips On book or upgrade to an Affiliate Advantage edition personalized with images and text featuring your business it will leave an impression.

Affiliate Advantage book versions allow contractors the option to add their best project images and to share information showcasing the work that represents their top-notch reputation. In print form, it creates a book that a homeowner can pass to a friend along with their recommendation when their project is completed.

Books can also be offered and sold directly to customers through mailing offers. It is a great way to remind potential customers that you are in the area and looking to work with them to make their dreams reality.

Making them aware of the book shows you are interested in their project’s positive outcome. In addition to helping you direct the questions you are likely to be asked, the gift enables the option for a follow-up call to see if they read the book and have any questions you can answer for them.