Pro Tips On Affiliate Program Works

by Tracy Pro Tips On Editor

HOW PRO TIPS ON IS UNIQUE: Pro Tips On is a series of books that are designed to help contractors seal deals. Pro Tips On provides information from recognized industry experts.  It goes through the features of a topic exploring important elements and identifying which ones are less so.  Knowing which questions customers will likely ask allows you to address the questions before they are asked or provide a context so that the customers understand the questions.

The Pro Tips On Affiliate Program allows contractors the option to personalize the book to give to their clients or sell by allowing placement of their own work on the cover, in the inspirational gallery and on allocated page space for text.

In Pro Tips On Your Metal Roof, Tracy Schubert and Shield Wall Media LLC have compiled invaluable information from proven leaders in the metal roofing industry. This book is the perfect resource for both property owners and contractors…anyone who wants to ensure the maximum return on a metal roof.

Todd Miller, President Isaiah Industries

Knowledge Equals Success

Teach your customers why they need to work with you while simultaneously educating them on how to obtain the roof of their dreams. Customizing a Pro Tips On book puts you on the cover of a professionally published book and makes you a credible, reliable source of information. Give it as a gift or sell it to your clients. It opens the door to a great follow up seal the deal sale call to see if they have any questions after receiving the book.